The NHBA has funded multiple honeybee research projects through its Research Fund.

Bee populations are critical for ensuring a healthy environment. Please give today to build a healthier, more resilient future for bees in New Hampshire and beyond.

Outside Research currently being funded by NHBA

The following are just some of the funding we have done over the years.

Project Apis-M

Project Apis-M funds honeybee research ($340K in 2013). Past research has included:

Additional cost sharing for the pesticide testing

On line learning programs through the University of California

Many studies on migratory bees and the almond pollination

Their website: has education material (including videos), research reports and a lot of other interesting information.

You can sign up for their newsletter Β at the web page:

Randy Oliver (


Dr. Samuel Ramsey : Tropilaelaps Mite Research


Bee Informed Partnership


Zac Lamas, University of Maryland: Β 

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