Ramsey Research Foundation

The goal of the Ramsey Research Foundation is to fund critical research initiatives most in need of support by letting any person be a stakeholder in the scientific process.

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Ramsey Research Foundation

What We Do

Our Mission

The Ramsey Research Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific progress by connecting everyone to the mission of protecting, preserving, and discovering our world.


Through donations large and small, the RRF has been able to fund critical research which could not have happened otherwise. Currently, funds are supporting international initiatives to understand biological threats to honey bees and other pollinators around the world. The recent discovery of multiple species of Asian Hornets in the Pacific Northwest underscores our need to better understand threats to our pollinators which aren't yet on our doorstep. Rapid and effective response when dealing with potentially invasive populations as soon as they arrive is paramount and thus an understanding of these creatures before they arrive is key.

As such, the RRF is currently conducting studies to catalog the lifecycle, vulnerabilities, and potential management methods for other exotic pests not yet in North America in addition to species already present. Our goal is to foster greater scientific literacy by ensuring this research is available for free to anyone who might be interested. To meet this goal, work conducted by the foundation will be available open access. It is our hope that greater involvement in science by the general public will raise public understanding, awareness, and trust in the scientific apparatus.

Dr. Samuel Ramsey
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