February 5, 2021
Winter 2021 NHBA Research Notes
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By Heather Achilles, Research Chair

NHBA has approved the following 2020 donations to support research that is benefiting NH Beekeepers:

  • Project Apis-M ( - $750
  • Randy Oliver ( - $750
  • Dr Samuel Ramsey ( - $500
  • Xerces Society ( $500

We also have several other citizen science projects either underway or planned for 2021. In October, we kicked off a moisture study ( to gather and analyze data from hive monitoring systems across the state to better understand the effects of moisture on overwintering hives and how our winterizing methods might be improved. We currently have 15 monitored hives from 4 counties participating in the study. If you have monitored hives and would like to be part of the study, please let us know (

This year, we will once again conduct our Winter Hive Survey as well as continue to collect data for the โ€œNH is bloomingโ€ project. In 2020, 856 flower observations and 119 pollen color observations were submitted. Over 200 unique flowers were reported! There will be a summary of the results posted on the website soon. We are currently working on ideas to make it easier to submit observations as well as get children more involved. Stay tuned for more details on both projects in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting our NHBA citizen science and research projects!

Research Committee: Heather Achilles, Deb Slocum, Peggy Dotter, John Schneider

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