Apiary Registration

The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food, Apiaries and Beekeeping Division offers a voluntary Apiary Registration Program and inspections of hives.

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Apiary Registration

NH Apiary Registration

The NHBA strongly recommends you register your apiary and hives. From the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food:

Beekeepers are encouraged to voluntarily register their apiaries for several reasons. The contact information and apiary location is provided for notification purposes to licensed applicators applying pesticides under special permits, such as for mosquito control. It helps national honey bee organizations,such as the Apiary Inspectors of America, assess the health of the honey bee industry nationwide and develop better methods of honey bee management. It can also be helpful for state and national agricultural statistics and policy, enabling estimates of the size and value of the industry in New Hampshire. Additionally, the Division will inspect honeybees and/or apiary equipment that are being moved to another state to certify their apparent freedom from infectious diseases, parasites and/or pests.



Click on the link below to download the registration form:


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Pesticide Applicator Permit

Beekeepers who sell their honey and use pesticides in their hives must obtain a Pesticide Applicator Permit. Most beekeepers are applying a pesticide solely in their own hives and will need a Private Applicator Permit. If you are applying pesticides for others outside of your own apiary then you will need a Commercial Applicator Permit.

Apiaries and Beekeeping in NH

The State of New Hampshire has laws regulating beekeeping and honey products. This includes inspections, labeling, pesticide application licenses, and hive configuration.